January 1, 2021

Want a novel and useful way of participating in National Human Trafficking Awareness Month?

Anti-trafficking organizations can always use more funding and more awareness. Here’s a project than can provide both! 

The Rosie the Liberator Project!

Seventy-five years ago, the original Rosie came out of her home and changed history.  By working in factories and thus freeing up men to fight, the Rosies of that era played a significant role in stopping the advance of Nazism.

Our 21st Century Rosies can also help stop the advance of something unspeakable evil. According to the United Nations, more than 40 million people are victims of modern slavery.  Eight million are sex slaves.  More than a million of the sex slaves are children.  In many cases, a young child may be forced to have sex with strangers ten or more times a night, 365 days a year.

This project is both a tribute to the past and a celebration of the 21st Century Rosies.  By the way, we chose the word “liberator” to go with our modern Rosie’s title because we’re about freeing people who are in slavery. The word “liberator” comes from the Latin word “liberare” meaning to “to set free.”  

Raising Awareness and Raising Funds

The Rosie the Liberator project is about raising awareness about human trafficking.  It’s also about encouraging donations of time and money for the many thousands of existing anti-trafficking organizations. 

We’re asking everyone, regardless of gender, to take a selfie of themselves striking a Rosie pose, and then do the following:

• Post it to social media with the hashtag, #RosieTheLiberator.
• Include in your post the web address of your favorite anti-trafficking organization
• Donate $5 to the organization.
• Tag two other people and ask them to join in!
• Then, come to and upload a copy of your Rosie image.

While you’re at, you can see what others have posted and you can vote on funniest, the most original, or the most creative.

We’re also inviting you, if this issue is important to you, to upload a short essay on why you care.   And of course, we’d adore it if you’d choose to volunteer the Rosie the Liberator project!