Welcome to Win This Fight! Join volunteers from all over the world in fighting one of the cruelest evils on earth, modern slavery.

Our mission is to raise funds for existing anti-trafficking organizations who focus on education, prevention, rescue and rehabilitation. If you were to ask these organizations, “What do you need most?” the most common answer you’d get is, “We need more resources.” Often, they will also add, “More awareness!”

At Win This Fight, we are working hard to raise $100 Million for organizations that are combating human trafficking.

Through 2021, we are rolling out several events and auctions to provide opportunities for everyone to save lives to eradicate human trafficking.

We are a talent and strengths-based organization which means we place you in a role reflective of your natural talents and with work you love. If fighting human trafficking is a cause you care about and you would like to have a meaningful and satisfying experience volunteering, we welcome you with open arms.

Simply fill out the form or write to us at Win@WinThisFight.org. We are grateful for your consideration. Thank you!

    • A volunteer is arranging for having images of the latest donations be shown in hotel lobby display cases, along with discussions of why we’re fighting human trafficking.
    • Another project demonstrates the dire conditions endured by people who are smuggled into countries by ship. He’s using a theater set designer to create, inside a 20-foot long shipping container, a set that gives people a clue of what it would be like to be smuggled by sea. The container that illustrates human smuggling can be moved from city park to city park.