Using Real World “Super Powers” to Disrupt Sex Trafficking Networks

– By Mitzi Perdue

Andrew X is a gray-haired 70-year old international businessman. If you were to attend conferences where ultra-high net worth families gather, you might hear him as one of the speakers.

We’re not using his name, however. He has a secret life and wants to keep it that way.

As you might guess since you’ve come to an anti-trafficking website, the activities that need to be kept quiet involve sex trafficking. Andrew X has decided to become involved with the Guardian Group, a counter-trafficking organization.

His journey into trying to do something about sex trafficking began when he learned that for $500, a sex trafficker can lure, abduct and sell a person’s ten-year-old daughter.

That little girl will be raped and drugged for years. Her life will end when she dies from disease, or an overdose, or from violence at the hands of one of her traffickers.

And even that’s not the end to the horror. Often times that violence means murder for the sole purpose of harvesting the child’s organs for sale in the black market.

“This must be the evilest thing in the word,” Andrew X says. “I don’t have any choice. I’ve got to do something. But what?”

The People Hunters

As Andrew X was exploring how he might get involved, chance intervened. He was on an airplane sitting next to a retired Marine when the guy told him about the Guardian Group

The Marine told him that members of the Guardian Group have a unique ability not only to find the sex traffickers, but also to break up their rings, and put the perpetrators behind bars.

Guardian Group members have these skills because they’ve all retired from special operations, or law enforcement or the intelligence community. They are all world-class people hunters.

Andrew X quickly made it his business to learn more about the organization. He discovered that the Guardian Group fills an extraordinarily important gap.

Filling an Important Gap in Law Enforcement

One of the obstacles to disrupting sex-trafficking rings is, law enforcement personnel are already over-burdened. They universally want to help address the atrocity of human trafficking, but unfortunately, traffickers can make themselves invisible by:

  • Hiding their activities behind the dark web.
  • Using untraceable burner phones.
  • Registering traceable items in the victim’s name, not their own.
  • Frequently moving their victims from one geographic area to another.
  • Intimidating the victims not to turn evidence.

Law enforcement, in general, doesn’t have the specialized resources to find the bad guys. This is particularly true since the bad guys are a moving target; often they’ll continuously move from one jurisdiction to another.

The Guardians, however, have a real-world equivalent of “superpowers.” With their sophisticated military and intelligence skills, they can find people who otherwise might be invisible to law enforcement.

Andrew X doesn’t want to alert the traffickers by revealing some of the Guardians’ more specialized skills. However, he does say that Guardians use search algorithms, facial recognition, and the ability to find suspicious patterns that might never be recognized by people who lack the Guardians’ technical skills.

Andrew X’s biggest concern right now is that extraordinary opportunities to attack the problem of sex-trafficking are being lost. “The Guardian Group, like most non-profits, struggles to maintain sufficient funding to maintain maximum efficacy. There’s a line out the door of retired special ops professionals interested in joining this team, but we need additional funding to hire them.”

Their skills could save many thousands of innocent girls and boys from life as close to Hell as anything we’ll see in this life. If you’d like to make a donation to the Guardian Group, please visit

About The Author

Mitzi Perdue is a businesswoman, author, and Founder of Win This Fight, Stop Human Trafficking Now. She holds a B.A. degree with honors from Harvard University and a Master's from George Washington University. She's a past president of the 40,000 member American Agri-Women, and she was a U.S. Delegate to the United Nations Conference on Women in Nairobi. She was also a Commissioner for the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. Her Scripps Howard column, The Environment and You, was for years the most widely syndicated environmental column in the U.S.

She is the founder and president of “Win This Fight! Stop Human Trafficking Now,” an organization that raises funds and awareness for other anti-trafficking initiatives.