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The purpose of this effort is fundraising and awareness for existing anti-trafficking organizations

Win This Fight’s Support
Our Survivors Campaign

Support Our Survivors. (SOS) is a monthly program in which each month, focuses on a survivor from a different anti-trafficking organization. The purpose of this effort is fundraising and awareness for existing anti-trafficking organizations plus raising awareness about human trafficking in general.

The Plan

Using funds that we’ve raised, we:

1. Ask anti-trafficking organizations to provide us with the story of one of their clients, including how he or she became trafficked, what being trafficked was like, how they escaped, and what the restoration efforts mean to them. We’re looking for stories that are realistic, but also moving, inspirational, and that provide hope.

2. Pick the most moving and inspirational stories, and then once a month, we focus on the efforts of one anti-trafficking organization, including telling their story through the eyes of their survivor client.

3. Provide funds to the current month’s anti-trafficking organization to provide services for a year to the SOS individual we’re focusing on. We currently have $73,000 either in the bank or pledged in order to do this.

4. Create a 5-minute video telling the survivor’s story. Rachel Mac is doing this, creating an animated video with a voice-over. The survivor’s identifying details are disguised to protect his or her privacy.

5. In addition to the video, write up the story, publicizing it in outlets that Mitzi blogs for, including Psychology Today, the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents, and USA Today Magazine.

6. Enlarge our smart phone campaign in which people can text SOS to 55312 to learn more about that month’s anti-trafficking organization and they can tap a PayPal button to donate directly to that anti-trafficking organization. (BTW, this is extremely effective for fundraising. We’ve barely started, but almost $13,000 in donations have come in, many of them in the $5 range.) There’s a button on a person’s smart phone that connects them with PayPal and gives them the ability to make a $5 donation to that month’s anti-trafficking organization,.

7. Mitzi publicizes the SOS program and the survivor of that month on the roughly 150 podcasts a year that she’s invited on.

8. Mitzi travels to whichever state we’re focusing on and does radio, television, and newspaper events in connection with that month’s Support Our Survivor organization. The local anti-trafficking organizations set this up.

9. We’re exploring with the Miss America pageant the possibility of having the state winners (e.g. Miss New Jersey etc) be a part of the publicity surrounding their state’s SOS story. Pageant winners are media savvy, articulate, and generate media attention and during their year, they are supposed to support philanthropic efforts. Mitzi once did a health-related event and had Miss Maryland, Mrs. Maryland, the Mother of the Year for Maryland (er, that was Mitzi!), and the state’s media turned out in droves for it. We may decide that this isn’t appropriate in 2021, but it is a way of getting attention for anti-trafficking efforts, and people could hear about the issues from people who have great communications skills. Using pageant winners is a way of reaching people who might not otherwise know about the problem.

10. As the SOS project gains momentum, Mitzi has friends and also foundation contacts who could make six and seven-figure donations, making it possible to support a different anti-trafficking organization once a week rather than once a month. This could translate into large amounts of money going to help anti-trafficking organizations and their clients, and also into creating large scale awareness.

Where We Are Now

1. The inaugural program is with Restore, NYC, an anti-trafficking organization that helps survivors.

2. We already have selected the client.

3. Rachel Mac is developing the video and Mitzi is working on writing the story.

4. When everything is in place, we deliver the $12,000 check to Restore, to be used for supporting Restore’s services for a year to the survivor. We practice using all the PR that our volunteers are capable of creating.

5. We carefully track what we learn from this so we can improve as we go forward.

Where We Will Be

We expect to feel our way in this effort. As we gear up and support more survivors and the organizations that are helping them, we’ll refine, improve and expand on this plan. Ideally, we raise a million dollars and Support Our Survivors 52 times a year.

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