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There is so much wisdom to be learned from other people. Those who write about them are gateways for us to receive those. Mitzi Perdue—businesswoman, author, and public speaker—is a great example of someone who holds stories that are encouraging, uplifting, and motivational. Sitting down with Dhomonique Murphy, she shares some of those stories about the great people in her life as well as herself by letting us in on her books, Tough Man, Tender Chicken and How to be UP in Down Times. Perfect in a time where there is nothing but stress and uncertainty, Mitzi gives us the recipes for living well through the lessons about overcoming adversities from the life of Frank Perdue and her recent collaboration with Mark Victor Hansen. Tune into this episode to learn more about how to live your best life even in this time and, more importantly, help others in the process.

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About The Podcast

The Right Method is a paradox. There is no right method. You have to find what’s right for you.
Welcome to The Right Method, a 100% virtual television show and podcast connecting its viewers with the world’s most famous and notable thought leaders in motivation, business and holistic living. The Right Method is the first of its kind, taking you into the homes of the top 1% with the key focus areas of health, finance, entrepreneurialism, mindset, and service to others. We are here to help you live your best life, transform your lifestyle, and obtain everything in life you truly desire.
Told by three-time Emmy-award winning journalist Dhomonique Murphy, The Right Method is compelling, engaging, fresh, educational, emotional, and entertaining.
Dhomonique Murphy is the President of The Right Method, LLC. The Emmy Award-winning television host and journalist and her husband, Frank Murphy, created the motivational self-help company as a way to help people rediscover their love for life.
During her nearly 20 years as a television host, anchor, and journalist, Dhomonique quickly discovered that everyone wants the same five things: love, purpose, health, financial independence, and respect. It may look different for each person, but those core principals of fulfillment are what everyone truly desires to obtain. The reality is, however, that most people are going through life, confused and frustrated, looking for a specific method or formula to achieve ultimate happiness and success. Years of long meditation and careful study brought Dhomonique to the conclusion that the idea of a one-size-fits-all approach to obtaining fulfillment is flawed.
Hence, the creation of The Right Method.
The Right Method is an experience. It is a conversation with the world’s greatest thought leaders about what life is truly about – true stories of overcoming crisis and achieving maximum triumph, how they built their empires, and inspired the world. The Right Method gives you the tools to reach optimum success in every phase of your life. It’s inspiring, uplifting, and unique!
We are all programmed to think that we can’t do things in life, but we are going to help you change your mindset and achieve your wildest dreams. You deserve to live an epic life, and we are here to help you achieve it. It’s time to start living a life that counts. We want you to be alive; we are going to awaken your senses and help you reach your maximum potential.
Every week, Dhomonique brings you special guests who share their stories of success and nuggets of advice – what they’ve done, who they are, and how you can implement what they’ve done to rise to the top!
We’re all looking for the same five things – love, purpose, health, financial independence, and respect – and they may come in different packages. Discover the right method for you only here on The Right Method with Dhomonique Murphy.