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About The Episode

If you have ever wondered how you can become a great leader – whether it is to lead yourself or others – this podcast has some fantastic wisdom for you. We will explore examples of real attitudes, beliefs and actions you can take to help yourself and others improve and excel.

In this episode, you will hear stories of:

How to build excellent people skills.
Inspiration to overcome life’s challenges.
Leaders who are on a mission to bring out the best in other people.

Mitzi Perdue is a businesswoman, renowned author, and past president of the 40,000 member American Agri-Women and she was a U.S. Delegate to the United Nations Conference on Women in Nairobi. She is the founder and president of “Win This Fight! Stop Human Trafficking Now” an organization that raises funds and awareness for other anti-trafficking initiatives.

Many of her stories are about the two men who taught her the most about leadership: Her father, co-founder of Sheraton Hotels, Frank Henderson, and her late husband and poultry magnate, Frank Perdue.

Find out more about Mitzi Perdue and the fight to stop human trafficking at:

INSTAGRAM: @Rosietheliberator

Text WTF To 55312

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About The Podcast

You want to transform yourself and improve your life. You long to help people. You wish to become healthier, happier and more successful. This show is your opportunity to learn how to use hypnosis to make your life better. Each week hypnotist Robbie Spier Miller interviews people who have already changed their lives in amazing ways with hypnosis. These models can help you discover your path to making the most of your life. If you want to learn how hypnosis can help you reach your goals, this show is for you.