The Goal Crafter
with Monica Luedecke

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About The Episode

In this episode, Monica discusses the power in the ASK, and how one woman changed the course of her entire life by first asking herself some questions and second, redefining what many of us would consider a dirty word….aka, failure. Listen in for some powerful takeaways from the story of Mitzie Perdue as told in the book, ASK!

Scriptures & mentors/resources mentioned for your journey today:

  1. 2 Timothy 1:7
  2. Mark 11:24
  3. Proverbs 16:3
  4. ASK! By Mark and Crystal Hansen

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About The Podcast

You have big dreams and ideas and a calling still sitting on your heart. You know about goals and you enjoy achieving them, and yet, you cannot seem to get any closer to the ultimate fulfillment that you know is waiting for you right there within your reach.
You know what? Deep happiness, joy and purpose is on the other side of achieving the goals that God has planted inside of your heart.
I believe that in order to achieve and reach your goals, you have to CRAFT them using a goal system that makes ALL your goals attainable, and impacts ALL areas of your life. I can help!
In this podcast I’ll teach you my Goal Crafter System, mindset mastery and ways to honor your beautiful status as a Christian midlife mama.
I know that faith, goals, mindset and a lot of encouragement will lead you to achieve ALL that God has in store for you.
Let’s dig into all the things that will help you craft your spoken and unspoken goals so you live your biggest and best life!