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Have you ever wondered how business moguls build an entire empire from nothing? How are family businesses and legacies established? Our guest this week is related to not just one, but two business magnates. Lucky for us, she’ll let us in on how they did it. 

In this episode, businesswoman and author Mitzi Perdue shares the story behind two successful family businesses. She talks to us about the story of her late father, who built and grew the Sheraton hotel chain. Mitzi also talks about her late husband, who created Perdue Farms from the ground. For her, family is essential, and she shows you how to take care of yours.

If you’re curious about the success behind family businesses, want to learn how to be successful yourself, or simply want to be a better leader, tune in to this episode!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:


  1. Learn the secrets to success of the Henderson and Perdue family businesses.
  2. Discover what you need to do to establish a legacy.
  3. Gain insights into becoming a better leader.


About Mitzi


Mitzi Perdue is a businesswoman, writer, broadcaster, communicator, and speaker. There might be no one more apt to speak on family legacies than her, as she combines the experience of two well-established family enterprises. Her family owns the Sheraton hotel chain, which her late father started. Her late husband is the poultry icon Frank Perdue, who was the CEO of Perdue Farms. She is a businesswoman in her own right, starting a family wine grape business that grew to be one of the larger suppliers of wine grapes in California.

Mitzi is involved in combating human trafficking. She is the founder and president of the Win This Fight organization, which aims to stop human trafficking by spreading awareness and raising  funds for similar anti-trafficking organizations.

To learn more, you may reach out to her by visiting her website. To join her fight against human trafficking, you may also go to this website.





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We share topics, stories and conversations that allow us to rethink how we live, work and lead.
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