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Mitzi Perdue is a prolific author, recently published “How to be up in Down times – 40 Tips” with Chicken Soup for the Soul co author Mark Victor Hansen. A well known public speaker and savvy entrepreneur, and farmer owning one of the biggest wineries in California.

The daughter of the founder of Sheraton Hotels and wife of Perdue Chicken the largest global organic chicken producer. She is an acclaimed host and science, agriculture writer with over 1,600 syndicated articles to her name and over 400 TV interviews as host.

In addition, Mitzi the author of more than 1600 newspaper and magazine articles on family businesses, food, agriculture, the environment, philanthropy, biotechnology, genetic engineering, and women’s health.

Mitzi talks to Ed Andrew about wealth, being frugal, legacy and holding money for the future, we also take a deep dive into agriculture and the keys to her business success which are built on research and study.

About The Podcast

Ed Andrew hosts Human Impact with current and future world leaders sharing their story of bringing humanity to work and life. Hosted by Ed Andrew a former lawyer and life long entrepreneur who has founded businesses in UK, India, Australia and Indonesia across industries. A weekly show with guests changing the world for the good in their chosen fields, entrepreneurs, environmentalist, neuroscience, ex lawyers, psychologists, elite athletes, Nobel nominees, Olympians, authors, educators, scientists and technologists. They share with you their personal journeys and insights on life and work, the things they love that inspire them and the battles they have fought