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Mitzi Perdue is the daughter of a business titan who founded the Sheraton Hotel Chain. She is also the widow of another titan, poultry magnate, Frank Perdue. Mitzi is a business woman in her own right having started a family wine and grape business, now one of the larger supplier of wine grapes in California. She is an author as well as speaker, and has just come out with a book that she co-authored with Mark Victor Hansen called How To Be Up In Down Times.

2:34 – How To Be Up In Down Times book by Mitzi Perdue and co-authored by Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For The Soul)

8:58 – Father (Earnest Flag Henderson), creator of Sheraton hotels. The greatest pleasure with all my wealth is giving it away.

14:31 – Understand how the Sheraton Hotels was founded. People have a compulsion to live up to or down to your expectations. A leaders job is to give people a better vision of themselves.

20:18 – Mary Stevens (Henderson) was mother. The name Sheraton came from an existing neon sign from hotel number 3

22:29 – What was the attitude lesson from your mother and how did they meet?

24:50 – Frank Perdue (founder of Perdue Chicken). A bizarre and unexpected courtship. Bob Dole. 

30:50 – Perdue farms is the largest producer of organic chicken in the nation

32:00 – What was Frank’s attitude as a leader?

34:32 – Attitude through the decades. Attitude lesson of birth. Feeling wanted isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength

36:22 – Attitude lesson at the age of 10. The givers of the world are happy and the takers of the world are miserable.

40:10 – Attitude lesson at the age of 20. Harvard. Didn’t want to take advantage of father’s name. Embracing where you’re from.

42:16 – Attitude lesson at the age of 30. Overcoming a speech impediment. 

46:33 – Attitude lesson at the age of 40. Mitzi’s Country Magazine.

49:43 – Attitude lesson at the age of 50. Married to a good man with values and is generous. 

50:53 – Attitude lesson at the age of 60. 

52:02 – Attitude lesson at the age of 70. Physical fitness and diet.

53:52 – Show close. A message of hope. 

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