April 19, 2021

Human Trafficking: Be a Thermostat, Not a Thermometer

Patti Hathaway has an interesting way of looking at life’s problems. She asks, “Are you a thermostat or a thermometer?”

As a warrior against human trafficking, Hathaway is in favor of being a thermostat. Metaphorically speaking, a “thermostat” is someone who changes the environment, as opposed to a “thermometer,” someone who simply observes what’s going on.

Hathaway is a true “thermostat.” She’s using her skills, as one of the country’s most eminent authors and public speakers, to combat human trafficking. She’s doing it through two on-line educational programs, one aimed at health care professionals and the other aimed at members of law enforcement.

We’ll get to the programs in a minute, and we’ll also focus on how you can benefit from them. But first, how did Hathaway become involved in fighting against human trafficking?

A God Moment

“It was the result of a God moment,” states Hathaway. “A woman whom my late father had helped when he was doing pastoral counseling, was searching the internet to find my sister. By mistake, she Facebooked me instead of my sister.”

It turns out that the woman, Ruth Rondon, had gone to Hathaway’s father many decades ago during a time when she was both drug-addicted and sex-trafficked. Rondon escaped trafficking and managed to be drug free, and in the years since had held a good job. However, she felt enduring gratitude for the counseling Hathaway’s father had provided.

Rondon had gotten in touch with Hathaway by mistake, but then, because of this mistake, the two women got to talking about how Rondon was doing so many years after the pastoral counseling sessions with Hathaway’s father.

Rondon told Hathaway that in gratitude for how her life had been turned around, she wanted to do more to give back. This chance conversation sparked a cooperative effort that today is changing countless lives.

Education Based on Real Life, Not Just Theory

The two women decided to create on-line courses for combatting human trafficking. They designed the courses using life stories which Rondon could provide and proven tools and strategies that came from Hathaway’s professional expertise.

“The courses provide learners with a complete overview of the human trafficking problem,” says Hathaway. “They do this,” she continues, “by sharing compelling victim stories along with the specific actions you can take when you encounter victims.”

Taking the courses requires a commitment of only three 3-minutes a day. Hathaway promises that, “The courses change mindsets and hearts, and they educate people on the tools and action steps they can use to help victims escape their slavery.”

To see the kind of information that’s available, download the free .pdf HT Pocket Guide forHealthcare .

Hathaway embraces a quote from William Wilberforce, the British abolitionist. Wilberforce, in case the name isn’t familiar to you, was one of the major reasons the British passed their Anti-Slavery Act in 1833, freeing slaves a full three decades before   America’s Emancipation Act.

The quote Hathaway likes is: “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know. Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me.”

Hathaway would like nothing better than that you would be a part of combatting human trafficking. Be a thermostat and influence things, not a thermometer that passively looks the other way.

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