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Mitzi Perdue – Human Trafficking, Win This Fight – Mitzi Perdue comes from the Perdue family. She works today doing, well what doesn’t she do…she’s a speaker, author, spokesperson…she’s a force of nature, and you are going to love Mitzi!!! For more on Mitzi’s work head to Pete A Turner, the Break It Down Show, and a lot of veterans are passionate about fighting Human Trafficking. Turns out Mitzi agrees and supports the efforts of who fight. On a strange note, the words #saveourchildren which is used by folks battling human trafficking within the US. The folks at are routinely banned from publishing and shadowbanned. We’re not sure why this is…but TK, TK’s Verve brands are all frequently throttled or removed. For the of this episode head to Please support the Break It Down Show by doing a monthly subscription to the show All of the money you invest goes directly to supporting the show!​ ​​Haiku Human Trafficking We must protect our children Mitzi Perdue fights! ​ ​Similar episodes: – – – Join us in supporting Save the Brave as we battle PTSD. Executive Producer/Host: Pete A Turner Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev The Break It Down Show is your favorite best, new podcast, featuring 5 episodes a week with great interviews highlighting world-class guests from a wide array of shows.

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Jon and Pete talk with artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, athletes and creators about their processes, challenges, origins, relationships that influenced their work, and what brings them to the place where they perform at their peak.