Our Story

On April 11, 2019, Mitzi Perdue heard anti-trafficking leader Paul Hutchinson speak. It changed her life.

She wanted to donate to his organization, the Child Liberation Foundation, but knew that would mean cutting back on other charities that were counting on her contributions.

Mitzi had an idea. What if she auctioned the 16th century De Medici desk her late parents had given her and donated the proceeds to the Child Liberation Foundation organization? The desk was one of her favorite possessions, but she knew that if the proceeds from its sale raised money to rescue children from this horror, that would be worth more to her than the desk itself.

She wondered if other people found themselves in similar situations, wanting to help charities but without available funds. Would they also be interested in selling heirlooms to contribute to this cause? She began vetting the idea with her friends in media, business, finance, Hollywood, sports, high society, and even royalty. They all agreed:

Donating something of value to be auctioned with the proceeds going to stop human trafficking would be far more meaningful than owning any particular possession.

Mitzi put the final piece into place to bring this bold idea to life by finding an auction house that would generously agree to hold an auction for Win This Fight and waive their commission fees.

Because of the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the date of the heirloom auction has been pushed back to 2022. However, we are still laying the groundwork for it.

Meanwhile, Win This Fight is working on another approach to combatting human trafficking. You’ll be hearing more about this as we get further along! Be sure and sign up for our weekly blog!

Win This Fight was established with a goal to raise $100 million over three years through the generosity of donors gifting valuable possessions such as art, jewelry, cars, china, collections, and boats to save the lives of thousands of victims and prevent the trafficking of thousands more.

Today, more than 350 volunteers and donors have pledged to support our quest to stop human trafficking for good! Will you join us?

Our Mission

Win This Fight seeks to support the United Nations’ goal to eradicate human trafficking by 2030 by meeting two of the greatest needs of the anti-trafficking community: additional funding and additional awareness.

Our Vision

The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally, and further, ILO estimates that forced labor and human trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide.

There are already 13,000 organizations combating labor and sex trafficking around the world. To benefit those efforts, Win This Fight is raising awareness and raising funding to support the good works they are already doing.

Through our unique gifting opportunities, generous donors designate the anti-human trafficking organization to receive the sales proceeds of their item auctioned in live or online auctions.

The live auctions will feature donated items in the million-dollar price range. Online auctions will feature donations of all values.

Through our leadership team, staff, and volunteers, Win This Fight is passionate, dedicated, and motivated to be awareness advocates, boots on the ground, ears in the crowd, hands on the paddles, and the voices of our victims. Those most vulnerable, who were lured, kidnapped, beaten, manipulated, abused, and trafficked, do not have a voice. While they are locked up, they need us to work together and Win This Fight … for GOOD!

Our Values

Humanity: Every human being deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and love. Every human being deserves a life free from abuse, assault, and forced labor or sexual slavery. For those who have no voice, we rally on their behalf to secure and distribute resources to organizations that make the most significant difference to Win This Fight.

Global Collaboration: Win This Fight is a global and bipartisan organization that includes all those who share our passion, mission, vision, values, and dedication to STOP human trafficking…for GOOD!

Our People: Our team and partner organizations are the most important resources to Win This Fight. Without them, this gargantuan effort does not have legs, our victims do not get rescued, and human trafficking does not stop.

Human Rights: The few paid staff and hundreds of volunteers of Win This Fight uphold the human rights of respect, dignity, honor, and freedom.

Teamwork: We value the expertise, strengths, natural talents, and skillsets our members and volunteers share with us, and we build people and teams based on what they most enjoy and what they can best contribute.

Strengths: Integrity, inclusivity, generosity, open communication, productivity, best practices, and appreciation are the pillars of our organization and the forefront of how we work together to become change-makers.

Service: We keep, at the front of our mind, the terror and darkness our victims face and the hope to end human trafficking and forced labor through high-value fundraising efforts. And we use those visions to propel us forward each and every day to Win This Fight to STOP Human Trafficking … for GOOD!

Our Goals

Win This Fight was founded on a bold idea to support big goals:

  • Raise 100-million dollars through 2022.
  • Increase awareness, education, and prevention of human trafficking on local, national, and global levels.
  • Offer a consortium of innovative giving opportunities that welcomes everyone to Win This Fight … for GOOD!
  • Raise funding for anti-human trafficking organizations so they can continue their work on broader scales.
  • Promote international goodwill through efforts everyone everywhere can support.
  • Free those who are enslaved and forced into labor or sex work.

Our goal is to save lives. Will you help us?

The Benefits

Win This Fight is founded on an innovative fundraising model that our donors love because: Win This Fight is founded on an innovative fundraising model that our donors love because: 

  • They can choose their favorite anti-trafficking organization as the beneficiary of the proceeds. 
  • They take comfort and pride in the fact that the funds from their auction item will save and change lives instead of sitting in a drawer, on a wall, in a closet, or in a storage facility. 
  • They know they are making the biggest possible impact due to the auction house generously agreeing to waive their commission fees on sales. 

The anti-human-trafficking organizations love this model because they receive the maximum value of the sale. 

See how your auction item makes a difference.

Generous Donor

Gives auction item to Win This Fight

Requests favorite anti-human-trafficking organization to receive sales proceeds. 

The recommended organization is vetted and approved by Win This Fight and affiliates.

Online auction

(Items valued under $750K)

Live auction

(Items valued at $750 or more)

Auction is held.

Donated item is sold.

95% of the proceeds are distributed to the selected organization.

5% is distributed to Win This Fight.


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*Approximately 5% of all sales proceeds will be distributed to Win This Fight for administrative and operations costs. © 2021 Win This Fight