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Human Trafficking does not discriminate. Let’s save lives and bring freedoms to those captured and abused.

Join us in a global effort to raise awareness about human trafficking and to raise funds for the organizations that are helping to end this scourge on human life.

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Mitzi Perdue
Mitzi Perdue, Founder & Chairman

$100 Million Dollar Challenge

Join Us Without Spending a Cent!

Tired of writing checks? This is the perfect charity for you! Mitzi Perdue, Founder and Chairman of Win This Fight welcomes you to donate a valuable item for The Founder’s Auction in 2021.

Two benefits:

• Commission fee from the auction house is waived.

• You choose your favorite anti-human trafficking organization to receive the sales proceeds.

Sean Williamson

Atlas Rescue – Sean Williamson

ATLAS RESCUE Sean Williamson, a Former Green Beret and Founder of Atlas Rescue, has an important story.  However, before we get to it, he has what may be surprising yet reassuring information for you. Although the information may not apply to you, if you’re reading...