Win This Fight helps meet two of the greatest needs of the anti-trafficking community: we raise funds for other anti-trafficking organizations, and we help raise awareness.

Raising Cash

We expect to raise cash for other anti-trafficking organizations by enabling donors to convert high value tangible possessions into cash. The resulting cash goes to the anti-trafficking organization of the donor’s choice.

A major New York auction house has agreed, for the sake of combatting human trafficking, to an impressive reduction in their normal commission.

The anti-trafficking auction was initially scheduled for early 2021, but because of COVID-19, we’re delaying the auction until at least 2022.

Raising Awareness

We raise awareness through such activities as articles, podcasts, our Rosie the Liberator Campaign and a May 11, 2021 Fulbright Forum, initiated by Win This Fight, on preventing human trafficking by attacking the financial side of trafficking.

Join The $100 Million Challenge

To Stop Human Trafficking…

The Winner Is…
YOUR Favorite Anti-Human Trafficking Organization!

Donations and Auctions are the all-important necessity of any successful non-profit organization. However, we’ve switched the model, and everyone we meet is loving it!

Why are they loving it?

Let Us Count the Ways!

One… Two… Three…


Out with the old – in with the new –

And literally save the lives of forty-two…million!

You have the opportunity to give back without writing a check!

Oftentimes, we have jewelry, art, furniture, collections, cars or more that we no longer need or want, but we find it’s difficult to get full value.

When you donate it to Win This Fight for our Auctions, the true value it brings is saving lives from human trafficking.


YOU CHOOSE the Beneficiary!

Unique to auctions and events anywhere, Win This Fight wants you to choose your favorite anti-human trafficking organization to receive the sales proceeds. Select the organization which speaks to your heart. Pick from those who work in education, prevention, law enforcement, rescue, rehabilitation.

It’s Your Heart.

Your Choice.



Who doesn’t love a good write-off in these times? Win This Fight is a 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible.

That’s right – we are all about the logistics, so rest assured, your valuables are valuable to us and will be treated with the utmost care by our partner auction house.

You LOVE This, Don’t You?
We Do, Too!
Choose the Best Fit for You!

Why are they loving it? Let Us Count the Ways! One… Two… Three…


The Founder’s Auction
Live in New York

The Founders’ Auction is aptly name for Win This Fight’s Founder, Mitzi Perdue who learned about this horrendous scourge on human life at a conference on April 11, 2019. Since that day, Mitzi devotes her time to raise funds to benefit the organizations who spend every day to save lives through their courageous programs.

The Founder’s Auction is accepting your donations valued at $750,000 or more for this exquisite event.


The Champion’s Auction
2020 and 2021

Every single person who fights human trafficking is a CHAMPION! Every single step, every single penny and every single effort we take matters! And it will take every one of us to work together to Fight Human Trafficking…

The Champion’s Auction is accepting your donations valued at $1,500 to $749,000 for this champion event.


Our Fighters

Love the cause? Contribute to Win This Fight to keep the GOOD fight alive!

Every penny counts when you make a tax-deductible donation to Win This Fight…


Save lives and bring freedoms to 42,000,000+ trafficked humans all over the world.

Why are they loving it? Let Us Count the Ways! One… Two… Three…


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Auctions for Good


Donate items to our auctions!
The sales proceeds of your art, jewelry, furniture, trips, and more saves lives when it is distributed to your favorite anti-human trafficking charity.

Actions for Good


Make a difference when you share your talent
or time and join forces with hundreds of volunteers from all over the world
to fight against and help
end modern slavery.

Gifts for Good


Your monetary donation
increases awareness of efforts
initiatives to
stop human trafficking.

*Approximately 5% of all sales proceeds will be distributed to Win This Fight for administrative and operations costs. © 2021 Win This Fight