January Is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

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Human trafficking is in everyone’s community. You just might not be aware of it. Please help increase awareness and fight the horrors of human trafficking by taking

the “Rosie” challenge!

Simply take a selfie looking like Rosie the Riveter with a bandana and making a muscle to show our collective strength in combatting this evil. UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO NOW!

Post the picture on social media with the hashtag #WinThisFight and make a DONATION to Win This Fight or any organization that you know that is working to end human trafficking.

Then nominate a few people you know to take the challenge!

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The Win This Fight Auction
New York, 2022

Win This Fight is about raising awareness and funds for other anti-trafficking organizations. The biggest way for doing this is a high-value, attention-getting auction in 2022.

For the donors, it’s a way of converting tangible property into cash, and the cash will go directly to the anti-trafficking organization of their choice. It’s a high-value auction because, since the items are newsworthy, they will raise awareness about human trafficking.

Donations so far have included a 69.7 karat perfect ruby that belonged to a Qing Dynasty Emperor, a historic emerald from the sunken treasure ship Atocha, and 12 dinner plates that belonged to Tsar Alexander II. If you can donate an item worth $250,000 or more, let us know here. You retain ownership until the time of the auction.


The Champion’s Auction
2022 and 2023

Every single person who fights human trafficking is a CHAMPION! Every single step, every single penny and every single effort we take matters! And it will take every one of us to work together to Fight Human Trafficking…

The Champion’s Auction is accepting your donations valued at $1,00 to $250,000 for this champion event. You can pledge them now but retain ownership until the time of the auction. To do this, click here.


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Why are they loving it? Let Us Count the Ways! One… Two… Three…

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Mitzi Perdue
Mitzi Perdue
Founder & Chairman

“When I learned of the horrors of human trafficking, I knew I had to help. I also knew I couldn’t take contributions away from charities that were counting on me. I found a new way to make a difference. By donating valuable items for auction, you can make an incredible impact without even writing a check.”



By Mitzi Perdue Dr. Kristie Knights’ professional world includes two of the darkest areas of human behavior. As a psychotherapist, her clients include people who are suicidal and who have been trafficked. Why is she willing to take on clients whom many others might...

The Human Slavery-Ecocide Connection

By Mitzi Perdue Has it ever occurred to you that there’s a direct and appalling connection between human slavery and environment destruction? Kevin Bales, a Professor of Contemporary Slavery at the University of Nottingham, studies this connection. His research...

Want a novel and useful way of participating in National Human Trafficking Awareness Month?

By Mitzi Perdue Anti-trafficking organizations can always use more funding and more awareness. Here’s a project than can provide both!  The Rosie the Liberator Project! Seventy-five years ago, the original Rosie came out of her home and changed history.  By working in...

Helping Trafficking Survivors During COVID-19

By Mitzi Perdue COVID-19 has impacted the survivors of human trafficking in particularly harsh ways. By some estimates, even under normal circumstances as many as 80% of individuals who have been rescued end up being re-trafficked.  COVID-19 has made the odds of this...

Sex Trafficking and the Young People in Your Life

By Mitzi Perdue In the past, it made sense to worry about your child being kidnapped and then sex trafficked. Today, while human trafficking is still one of the top threats to our children, it’s only rarely that this threat takes the form of a kidnapping. Instead,...

Helping Trafficking Victims Be All They Can Be

By Vanessa Russell Human trafficking is unthinkably evil in countless ways. Here’s one more, as expressed by Dan Silberberg, founder of ENTELECHY.AI : “Enslaved people cannot become all they could be. Trafficking snuffs out their light, their genius, their gift to the...

COVID-19 and Child Trafficking

By Mitzi Perdue “In times of crisis, the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children skyrockets,” says Lori Cohen, Executive Director of the anti-human trafficking organization ECPAT-USA.  “Being safe in a time of COVID-19 means more than just washing your hands.”...

How Music Led to an Extraordinary Global Anti-Trafficking Effort

By Mitzi Perdue Wincey Terry-Bryant is a musician with a fabulous career. She’s worked with Sting, Tina Turner, Garrison Keillor, and a whole host of other famous people. She’s talented, charismatic, funny, and has a warmth that can light up a room. However (and as...

Preventing Trafficking by Changing Hearts and Minds

  By Mitzi Perdue Everyone has his or her own story for why they want to combat human trafficking. In the case of Jennifer Keltner, Founder of Rescue Party Give, it began when she was a terrified little girl. A Child’s Sense of Security is Ripped Away As you hear...
Sean Williamson

Atlas Rescue – Sean Williamson

ATLAS RESCUE Sean Williamson, a Former Green Beret and Founder of Atlas Rescue, has an important story.  However, before we get to it, he has what may be surprising yet reassuring information for you. Although the information may not apply to you, if you’re reading...


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